Crafting professional, confident brands for budding businesses & established enterprises.

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Hello Hi!

Welcome to Sprig Co. Studio, where I spend my time collaborating with lifestyle, health & wellness businesses, bringing your brands to life through the power of strategy and design.

Are you ready to take your business from ‘just a name’ to an established, confident brand?


With Sprig Co. Studio you will... 

Build a professional, confident brand

Establish your reputation in your field


Get clear on your messaging


Launch your brand with confidence


Stand apart from your competitors


Streamline your business processes


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Why business strategy?

Almost everything in life needs a plan to succeed, and that’s exactly what a business strategy is: a map to success.


Together, we can build a clear set of plans, actions and goals to outline how your business can go “just a name” to a reputable brand.

Let’s build a foundation that’ll ensure your business thrives!

Why brand strategy?

A brand isn’t just a logo, a website or a name. It’s the stuff that feels intangible – that same stuff that creates brand affinity and brand loyalty, the stuff that keeps your customers coming back for more!

Your brand’s strategy is crucial to ensuring your brand becomes established, professional, and memorable in the eyes of your consumer.

Let’s craft your professional, confident brand.


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- Client Love -

Absolutely loved having Sprig Co. Studio create our logo. Janais listened to my ideas, what my values were and created the most stunning and welcoming logo that has brought so much love and life to my little business. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to bring personality and life to their brand. 

|  Thrifty Fox  |