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  • Janais van Eck

A sneak peek into our process at Sprig Co. Studio

“I had no idea this is what goes into brand design!”

To be fair, neither did I when I first thought about becoming a designer, but through years of experience I’ve learned there is an immense about of detail required to achieve the ideal brand identity for my client. It may seem unnecessary, but these steps and structure are the foundation of establishing a brand that not only portrays your essence but also communicates with and attracts your customer effectively.

Through trial and error, learning and expertise, Sprig Co. Studio has constructed a streamlined yet detailed process for brand design. So here is the breakdown of how the process works.

Step One: Conceptualise

This is the initial phase where we discuss the vision and motivation behind the project, to establish an idea of what you want to achieve by the end of the process and a general indication of what you want your brand to look like. We can approach this in two ways:

One, we take a general approach and discuss the aesthetics of your vision for your brand. This is where we talk about the style you would like for your brand, maybe something sophisticated, fresh or fun and details like colour palette inspiration and visual elements if necessary. As the client, you would be required to have some sort of idea as to what you want your branding to represent and portray to your customer. During our discussion, we will flesh out those ideas and create a direction in which to start the design process with.

Two, we use strategy. This is an incredibly important approach for those who are new to the world of business ownership or starting a business from scratch and are unsure about how they want to be seen by their customers or what their fundamental message is. With this approach, we dive deeper into what makes your business tick, what is your mission, values and messaging. We also look at competitor analysis and industry research. All this and more are used as the base for your brand strategy.

No matter which approach you choose, at the end of this conceptualising phase, you are presented with a mood board that portrays the direction we want to take your brand in. This includes elements like visual imagery, colour palette, typography and pattern. We then use this as the foundation of step two.

Step Two: Design

Once we have established a creative direction, whether it be general or strategic, your designer (me) then takes all that information and research and applies it to draft design options that embody your vision. This phase goes through a number of feedback sessions where we tweak and refine the design that best represents your brand.

Ultimately, we will have a fully-fledged brand complete with primary logo, logo variations, colour palette, custom typography, brand marks and patterns. These are all the elements you could possibly need when presenting your business to your ideal audience clearly and consistently.

Step Three: Implementation

We then apply your amazing branding to your corporate identity such as business cards, email signatures and letterheads. If your business makes use of social media, we also create social media templates using your branding.

Step Four: Handover

Parting is such sweet sorry – but this is actually the most exciting part of your branding journey because you get to take your wonderful brand and share it with the world! To round off the project, you receive all the bits and bobs of your brand from logo and brand marks to stationery and brand guide which walks you through your established brand identity and how to apply it when marketing yourself.

This is essentially the process you will experience when working with Sprig Co Studio, during which time I come to learn a whole lot more not only about your business but about you as an individual and I hope you would have learned a little something about me at the end of it all. This process is such a fun journey and I aim to make it as seamless and enjoyable as possible for you.

If this journey sounds like something you would like to embark on then let’s chat! I look forward to meeting you!

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