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  • Janais van Eck

Social Media and Our Wellbeing

Every conversation I have with clients or business owners always ends on “I don’t know how to go about social media”.

You are not alone! I even struggle in my relationship with social media. (I’m even taking a hiatus from it as we speak). We are in this together. So, I wanted to share a few insights that I have found useful not only from a practical perspective but more importantly to me, a wellness perspective.

Yes, social media is the talk of the marketing world and a business game changer yada yada yada, but something I’ve noticed in myself and others around me, it is stressing people the heck out.

In my opinion, there has to be a balance. So without further ado…


Are you using keywords & hashtags:

Yes there is still value in this because social media is still in part, a search engine much like google. Take time to research the keywords and hashtags you should be using to get in front of your audience. Then focus on nurturing them.

Create a content plan

This consists of your content pillars and a social media template that will save you hours of thinking of content, creating it and just the mental load of the whole process. It also helps you maintain an accurate brand representation throughout your social media


The approach of combining education and entertainment which allows your audience to learn while having fun. And it’s as effective for adults in corporate settings as it is for children. Your biggest tool here is storytelling.

3 TIPS to preserve your mental wellbeing

Set boundaries on Time

Within your content plan, set aside a small amount of time for purposeful engagement with your audience and those in your community around when you post. Then get off the app, there are digital wellbeing tools on your phone or tracking apps you can use.

Set boundaries on Openness

The trend at the moment is all about showing YOU and being as open with your audience as possible. This has created a social pressure of having to ‘Show Up’ and sharing more of your life with your audience than you realistically would with your clients in a professional setting. I’m here to throw a spanner in the works and say, screw it. Your business will not fail if you choose to set boundaries with how much you share on social media, find what works for you and do that brilliantly.

Set boundaries on your content intake

Just because you have taken on the role of content creator, doesn’t mean you have stopped being a consumer too. This is an important part of our relationship with social media and one that can inspire or disrupt us. Be mindful of the content you consume and how you respond to it, don’t be afraid to click that unfollow button, even of people in your field.

We are still learning how to navigate social media from a business and wellness perspective.

Each person's relationship with it is going to look different and it's important to remember that. Find what works for you in the long run, not just what the trend gurus suggest this week.

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