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  • Janais van Eck

The First Day Of Sprig Co.

It’s been almost two years in the making but it is finally time.

Today is the first official first day of Sprig Co. as my sole focus and business commitment! I have taken the step of committing 100% of my time and effort into my own business! Sprig has been my passion since mid-2019, during this time I’ve been working a standard day job as a graphic designer and marketing manager during the day, while working on Sprig at night and on the weekends.

But recently I’d found myself distracted at my day job about the projects I am working on with Sprig clients, essentially day dreaming about something that I’ve now decided is not just a dream, so I have walked away from the corporate nine to five world for the world of owning a business.

I want to build a business where I create intentional brands and websites for amazing people around the world and over the last few months have felt like I am at a place where I’m willing to give it a full on, dive deep, take the leap kind of a go.

And I’m terrified.

And I’m excited.

I have spent the last few months organising my business and getting ready for this day, I chose September first for a few reasons. Firstly, because in South Africa where I live, it’s the first day of Spring which is only one letter more than Sprig so it kind of rolled off the tongue and felt like to much of a coincidence not to use.

Secondly and more importantly, because the start of Spring represents new beginnings and the start of a season of growth which is what I’m hoping this time is for my business. And lastly because myself and my brand are constantly inspired by nature and the world around me, this is the time of the year that brings me the most joy and energy – which I am going to need.

So, Sprig has technically already seen a few of the seasons pass by while it’s been waiting on the side-lines. While I have been working in the corporate world, I have learned a lot and I will always acknowledge those skills and lessons I’ve learned that have made me feel confident enough to do this.

I’ll be sharing a whole lot about my journey to get here, my plans, the amazing projects I’ll be working on and the lessons I’ve learned. I hope you can come along with me for the ride!

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