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Why you need to define your business values

The value of company culture is becoming increasingly important as may businesses are working remotely or learning how to navigate a hybrid model of working. Although company culture takes time to establish and instill throughout every aspect of your business, it is rooted in your business values.

"Business values create a sense of accountability for your team"

Your core values set the standard and tone for your employees and informs them and your customer base who and what your business is about. If your team doesn't have a clear understanding of this they won't accurately portray your values when interacting with clients or partners. Business values create a sense of accountability for your team and re-enforces the reason why their job is important and worth performing in, even on the difficult days.

It's also important to maintain these values through recognition and even reward when they are demonstrated to a dream standard. Including the team in this recognition moment encourages those members to continue their good work and others to strive to do the same.

Establishing your core values, even as a startup is key to the success of your business and informs every decision you will have to make as a business owner over time

They can be a combination of practical and more emotive values such as honesty, transparency or 'customer first'. There is no perfect list or number of values that your business should have - it should be about what feels right and what is important to your business.

Sprig Co. understands the importance of values and have defined ours into five key pillars to lead the way as the business grows.

What are our key pillars of business?

  • Sustainability : As a brand, Sprig Co. aims to create and build brand identities and supporting platforms that are sustainable. This can take time, and we are willing to invest as much time as possible to ensure you walk away with a fully sustainable brand.

  • Community: We love people and believe we can always achieve more with a strong sense of community. No business would be a complete success without the people around them, and we take this seriously. When you enter into a project with Sprig Co. you become part of a supportive community and network of business people and entrepreneurs.

  • Female empowerment: As a woman owned and directed business we feel a strong connection to empowering other women to do the same and have fun while doing so, giving you the tools and knowledge you need to enter the business world with confidence and professionalism.

  • Authenticity: Staying true to yourself and your brand is a fundamental key to success. By practicing what we preach, we spend a lot of energy ensuring that our representation as a brand and engagement with our client base is as authentic as possible to build real relationships throughout the projects.

  • Collaboration: This kind of ties into community as a value - with community comes collaboration. Possibly going back to the childhood lesson of 'sharing is caring', Sprig Co. aims to engage and encourage collaboration in all spaces. There is a wealth of knowledge in working with those around us. We intend to learn as much from you as we hope you will learn with us.

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